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Note: camper must be a minimum of 5 years old AND is currently attending Kindergarten.

Winter Camp Themes

At Camp MusArt each week we select a theme that guides our music, art, crafts, and culinary projects. Take a closer look at some of the themes we featured during our Winter 2022 season!       Alongside our passion for music and art, Camp MusArt also strives to teach kids about the world around them. One way we do this is through our weekly themes, which usually encompass a particular culture, seasonal event, or pop culture event. In January alone, we covered three different we...

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Meet Snowball!

Camp MusArt may not have an official mascot, but there’s one familiar face that many campers will remember long after they leave: Snowball! As Camp MusArt’s very own pet bunny, Snowball has made quite the impression among campers over the past two years. He was brought to our camp in October of 2020 as a birthday gift for two campers who loved bunnies. His name came from his pure white fur, although he currently has a few patches of dark fur that developed over the years.  &nbs...

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Camp MusArt’s Origin Story

In March of 2022, Camp MusArt celebrated its 13th anniversary surrounded by its community of supportive campers, parents, and staff members. However, the large, supportive community we have now highly differs from the camp’s humble beginnings. Back in 2009, Camp MusArt started as a mere passion project by three moms who wanted a camp that made learning fun and engaging for kids. They also wanted to create a space where kids could still socialize and learn during long breaks from school. Ad...

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A Day In The Life

Over the years, many of our campers have met and grown to love our hardworking teachers, and for good reason. Every teacher at camp works hard every day to provide an enriching curriculum for the arts that’s both fun and educational for every camper. While many of our kids have been with us for several years, the Camp Musart experience is still new to many people. So, come along with us as we take you on a day in our life!    Our mornings start with setting up for our first cla...

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